Dental Emergencies and Endodontics 

Dental emergencies happen to almost everyone at some point in their life.  Do you know what to do when you have a cracked tooth, severe tooth pain or find yourself in one of the other emergency situations listed below?  As endodontists, we are experts in saving teeth.  The sooner you see us, the sooner you can be free of pain!   

Give us a call if you have any of the following: 

  • Broken Teeth or Cracked Teeth  
  • Broken Fillings 
  • Chipped Teeth 
  • Lost Crown 
  • Infection 
  • Substantial Toothache 
  • Significant Sensitivity  
  • Swollen or Sore Gums 
  • Jaw Pain 

Should you call an endodontist if you have a dental emergency? 

Because most dental emergencies involve infection or fractures such as cracked teeth and often require root canal therapy, endodontists are used to treating a variety of dental emergencies every day.   

Endodontists provide: 

  • Precise Diagnosis – We can tell you if you will need root canal therapy or if it can be avoided. 
  • Quick Pain Relief – We offer quick and effective tooth pain management. 
  • Experience and Convenience – We see a variety of emergency situations every day, and offer emergency hour services. 
  • We can save your tooth! 

Scheduling your emergency dental appointment: 

We understand that you are in pain and will do everything we can to see you the same day or during emergency hours to help you find relief.  To access emergency hour information and instructions, call us at St. Petersburg Office Phone Number (727) 289-2981 as soon as severe tooth pain occurs. 

What to expect at your appointment: 

First, we will get the pain under control and provide you with sedation if need be to relax.  Next, we will take images to determine whether there are any signs of fracture or infection in or around your teeth.  And finally, we will work to resolve the underlying problem.  Treatment may include an emergency root canal, which usually alleviates the pain almost instantly.  Occasionally, in the event that the tooth cannot be saved, we will refer you to an oral surgeon for extraction.  

If you are experiencing tooth pain that is not getting better, you may be headed for a dental emergency!  Give us a call to alleviate the pain that you have now, and prevent it from getting worse.  St. Petersburg Office Phone Number (727) 289-2981